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Welcome to PetiteLion Kennels, South Africa


We are certified breeders of the beautiful and rare toy dogs: The Brussels Griffon or Griffon Bruxellois' and the Petite Brabancon (Rough and Smooth coats in black, tan or both)


A Bit About Us...

We have always loved dogs and have had for many years Bulldogs, Ridgebacks, American PitBulls and finally Amstaffs. Somehow we never had little dogs, until a year ago when we got our first Brussel Griffon - Pepper Potts.  She is a fun loving dog and highly intelligent.  We became very passionate about this very special little dog, so passionate about the breed that we brought two more in from New Zealand: Kiwi and Wicket, and we decided to start to breed these beautiful dogs to enhance the quality of the Brussels breed in South Africa.  We now have seven Griffons and one Amstaff - Blade.  He has the most amazing nature and he too thinks he's a griffon...

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Griffon Bruxellios'

Where do these animated and intelligent companion dogs come from, what are they like and what could you expect as a prospective griffon owner?

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American Staffordshire

At PetiteLion Kennels, these friendly giants are part of the family! Get to know more about the American Staffordshire breed and its history.

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