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The Petite Brabançon or the Smooth Coat


Pepper Potts was the first Griffon Bruxellois (Petite Brabançon) we ever bought.  Other griffon owners will know exactly what I mean when I say it was 'love at first sight' from the minute I picked her up and she wriggled her way up my arms to snuggle into the nook of my neck, I was an instant sucker for those big chocolate eyes and that beautiful silky-soft, copper coat.  She is tiny, cobby and a sharply intelligent dog.  She is fiercely loyal and quick to learn, however, she (like most of her kind) have very sensitive feelings, so shouting and demanding something to be done does not win any favours from her.  But she is obedient and willing to do anything for you in exchange for kindness, patience and perhaps a little nibble.



Pepper Potts is the smooth coat of the Griffon Bruxellois.  The pug was  responsible for introducing a smooth-coat variety to the breed which is produced in the same litter as the rough coat.  Initially they were called the Brabançon Griffon but later became known in Europe as the Petite Brabançon which has stuck ever since. They are also known as "monkey face" or, in South Africa, "klein gesiggie" due to their human-like expression. They are noted for their short face, large eyes, large nostrils and the most beautiful brilliant colored coats. 

Ms Pepper Potts has a penchant for scratching on the dog-food box when she's hungry, sits obediently under my legs when I start cooking, loves the milky foam from my cappuccino and climbs deep inside my bed to snuggle on a winter morning.  A perfect companion.  

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Pepper Pup 1.JPG
Before buying a Griffon puppy, or any other puppy for that matter, be certain that you have the time & inclination to properly train & care for the dog as it grows.