Petite Lion Kennels

Meet the Petitelion Family

Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts of PetiteLion

Sire: Ch Engel Iz Mitkov Ekateriny (imp. Russia)
Dam: Tzani Knitting Nancy (imp. Australia)  
Date of Birth: 11 March 2013

Owned by: Janine & Edy Cardoso
Bred: South Africa, Elizma Botha

She is the Leader of the Pack.  She loves nothing better than playing catch with Wicket or fetching.  If there were rats in our garden she would be the first to bring one home.  She doesn't stop playing. She also loves driving in cars and visiting friends.  She is a deep red smooth coat. 

Blade Hunter

Blade Hunter of Petitelion
Sire: Nivadi Gunner   
Dam: Cindy Simone 
Date of Birth: 19 April 2013

Owned by: Janine & Edy Cardoso
Bred: South Africa, Allen Badenhorst

The Gentle Giant.  He's seal & white in colour and thinks he is a griffon.  He has such a gentle nature and plays with all the other dogs including the pups who really love biting his cheeks.   He's a year old and has grown into a magnificent looking dog. 


Kiwi Ninja

Zentu Kiwi-Ninja of PetiteLion (Imp. New Zealand)

Sire: Ch Tanza Dhoo Malarky
Dam: Zentu I'm a deeva
Date of Birth: 8 April 2013

Owned by: Janine & Edy Cardoso
Bred: New Zealand, Karen J. Baker

Our Black Diamond.  She is an elegant slim smooth coat.  She's a very calm and gentle dog and loves nothing more than lying on your lap or near you.  She will sit on ourfeet as we make supper in the evenings.

Winning Wicket

Zentu Winning Wicket of PetiteLion (Imp. New Zealand)

Sire: Leo B Norwegian Kiwi Unlimited (Imp NWY)  
Dam: Zentu Gotta Love Gossip at Hyjinx
Date of Birth: 21 July 2013

Owned by: Janine & Edy Cardoso
Bred by: New Zealand, Karen J. Baker

Our Feisty Red Boy!! He is a rough coat and is groomed often as he loves looking good.  He is the youngest of our griffons and comes all the way from New Zealand. He loves to play catch with his friends.  

The Puppies:
Bear, Tintin, Chilli & Miss Scarlet